Tarasov kept in touch with Buzova after the divorce

Russian footballer, midfielder Dmitry Tarasov admitted that he talked with Buzova after the divorce.

The ex-husband of the TV presenter, answering questions from subscribers, said that after a divorce from Olga Buzova he talked to her. However, the player did not go into details about what their conversation was about.

“Yes, we talked. But let it remain a secret,” Tarasov said.

Dmitry Tarasov has been divorced from the former host of the Dom-2 TV show Olga Buzova since 2016. The football player often uses the name of his ex-wife, intriguing subscribers with the details of their life together. Some believe that in this way Tarasov attracts an audience and attention to himself against the backdrop of fading fame. He recently stated that he could even participate in a joint project with his ex-wife, but no such proposals have been received.

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