Taiwan accuses Beijing of air and sea blockade

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan accused Beijing of seeking to invade the territorial waters and airspace of the island. Reason: China’s announcement of a series of “targeted military operations” in response to the visit speaker United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi in Taipei.

Military officials in Taipei said today that several no-go zones around the island, where China intends to hold live-fire exercises this week, overlap with “Taiwan territorial space.”

According to The GuardianTaipei has accused Beijing of violating “UN rules”, saying it is effectively tantamount to “blockade of Taiwan’s air and sea space” and “psychological warfare against its citizens”.

The island nation’s authorities vowed to “strongly defend their national security” and increase military readiness to the highest level, while adhering to the “principle of not asking for war.”

Because of what fuss

Recall that Pelosi arrived in Taipei late on Tuesday, despite repeated warnings from Beijing against attempts to visit the territory, which it considers an integral part of China. Airplane an American official landed safely at a Taiwanese airport.

After that, the command of the Eastern theater of military operations of China announced large-scale military exercises off the coast of Taiwan, live firing in the Taiwan Strait, and missile test launches at sea east of the island. According to a map released by state media, military exercises due to begin Thursday after Pelosi’s departure will take place in at least six major maritime areas and airspace around Taiwan.

Japan is also concerned

China’s large-scale military exercises did not please not only Taiwan, which will actually be under blockade. The Japanese government has already expressed concern about them.

Chief representative of the country Hirokazu Matsuno stated that “Tokyo conveyed to Beijing its concerns about the military exercises due to begin on Thursday”:

“The exercise area coincides with the exclusive economic zone of Japan,” Matsuno explained.

By the way, the Tokyo authorities did not comment on Pelosi’s visit, limiting themselves to the statement that “tension in the Taiwan Strait should be resolved through dialogue.”

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