“Swine flu” returned to Russia six years later. Vladimir Putin gave advice on how to protect yourself from him

Doctors and the president say the surest way to protect yourself from the flu is to get vaccinated

Doctors and the president say the surest way to protect yourself from the flu is to get vaccinated

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December 14Vladimir Putin started the government meeting with a report Rospotrebnadzor. What are the epidemics in the country, how many people are sick …

– ARVI and flu are growing, – the President noted with concern.

“The epidemiological situation is tense,” agreed the chief sanitary doctor of the country. Anna Popova. – A small increase in covid after a two-month decline. H1N1 is the most popular flu strain in Russia right now.

This is the famous swine flu that raged in 2009. The last time in Russia it was recorded six years ago. This year he returned, but, as Popova assured, the vaccines developed against him are still effective.

– Remember, I asked you a few days ago: “Do I need to be vaccinated or not?” You told me: “Yes, we must do it.” Here I report – yesterday I did it. I also recommend to all my colleagues. Today I went in for sports in the morning as usual – everything is fine, without any questions, – the head of the country said.

Doctors and the president say the surest way to protect yourself from the flu is to get vaccinated.


Vice Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko reported on how the cleaning of the Volga River is going.

“83% of the pollution that enters the water is at the expense of public utilities,” she concluded.

For three years of the program for the construction of treatment facilities, a quarter of the effluents began to be filtered.

– Objects have been restored (to increase fisheries – Ed.) along 997 kilometers. And how much needs to be done? – the president clarified with Abramchenko.

– Approximately half done

– Probably more? Putin doubted.

– So the silt must be constantly removed – this is an endless work, – the vice-premier answered.

Vladimir Putin said that work must not be stopped, because millions of people depend on the condition of the Volga.


Minister of Labor Anton Kotyakov He told how the new Social Fund will work from January 1, in which two old ones have been combined: Pension and Social Insurance.

– There will be 2600 Social Fund offices. We saved money by not renting some properties. And in those premises that remained in the property, but they are empty, communication centers for the elderly will open, the minister reported.

In new regions, from January 1, 2023, branches of the Social Fund will also open.

– It is necessary that all this be more widely illuminated. So that people understand the changes, the Russian leader instructed.

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