Swedish official confirms sabotage at Nord Stream

Gas leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines are the result of sabotage.

So said the head of the Swedish seismic network Bjorn Lund. According to him, “there was an explosion with a capacity of about 100 kg of TNT.”

“It is clear from the waves that this is not just seismic activity – they are not like waves that occur during an earthquake. An explosion goes in all directions at the same time, and an earthquake is movement along a crack,” Lund explained.

Recall that the leak on gas pipelines happened on 27 September. At present, gas supplies from Russia to Europe through them have been completely stopped, since three lines of highways have been damaged at once.

The Danish Maritime Authority has warned of a “navigable” gas leak southeast of Bornholm Island, while issuing a 5 nautical mile ban on navigation around the pipeline.

It is known that in this area, just at the time of the “accident”, exercises of NATO ships were taking place.

The sabotage version became one of the first voiced.

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