Sweden and Finland may be trapped by the US

The US wants to trap Sweden and Finland by supporting the entry of these countries into the North Atlantic Alliance. Writes about it Global Times.

According to the publication, after the entry of the two Scandinavian states into NATO, there will be more security problems in Eastern Europe.

Director of the European Department of the China Institute of International Studies Cui Hongjian I am convinced that the inclusion of Sweden and Finland in the alliance will allow the Americans to use their territory to deploy strategic weapons directed against the Russian Federation.

“Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict remains unresolved, the Russian Federation, Finland and Sweden do not intend to escalate conflicts in their lands, so they will make efforts to resolve problems through political means,” the specialist said.

He stressed that if Finland and Sweden ignore the political path, they will “fall into a trap” prepared by the US to further worsen the situation in Europe.

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