Suzdaltsev: the consequences of Russia’s withdrawal from the grain deal will be difficult for Ukraine

Ukrainian grain lost the sea corridor through which it was delivered to importing countries. On how the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from Ukraine will affect Ukraine grain dealsaid a political scientist, teacher at the National Research University Higher School of Economics Andrey Suzdaltsev.

In his opinion, for Ukraine, such a scandal can, on the one hand, be useful: Kyiv uses any pretext for its PR. However, now the Ukrainian side may perceive the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the deal as an opportunity for Russian troops to completely occupy the Black Sea coast.

If the Russian Federation does not occupy Odessa, Kyiv will still lose the loyalty of the agrarian lobby. According to Suzdaltsev, the grain deal ensured the loyalty of the agrarian oligarchs to Ukraine. Now you have to make deals with Moscow, which will damage the political field Vladimir Zelensky. From this, according to the expert, Kyiv staged a “hysterical attack” on the Russian Federation with statements about stimulating hunger in the world.

Ukraine will face serious financial consequences, the political scientist noted.

“Still, $7-9 billion, given that Ukraine needs $7 billion a month, is not lying on the road. If we talk about land exports, these deliveries will be very expensive. There are still many dangers,” Suzdaltsev said in a statement. conversation with MK.

At the same time, the political scientist and economist Alexander Dudchak believes that the consequences for Ukraine will not be so severe, since she sent everything she earned to pay off debts. What happened will be used by Kyiv to accuse the Russian Federation “of all mortal sins.”

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