Suspicious coincidence: It turned out why many leaders in Europe do not have children

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel



– Frau Merkel, how are you with the “women’s case”?

The question of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl stunned the 37-year-old Angela at that time: she was then unmarried and childless (and, looking ahead, she has not had children to this day). The young party activist knew how to play hardware games, but now she did not know what to answer. Kohl, however, quickly made it clear that he was not asking anything personal.

“We need someone who can lead the Federal Ministry for Women and Youth.

That conversation took place shortly after the reunification of Germany, in 1991. In fact, the highly experienced Kohl gave Angela a ministerial post purely according to a quota: in order to “observe politeness”, someone from the former GDR was also needed in the office. But in the end, Merkel “fell into the cage” and after 15 years she herself became chancellor …

Approximately the same went up and her colleagues from other European countries. All of them are very different from the former leaders of the Old World like Charles de Gaulle, Jacques Chirac or the same Helmut Kohl. Personal charisma – zero, business qualities – average, from bright statements – only attacks against Russia.

At first glance, these new wave politicians are different in everything: from different countries, from different parties, with completely different biographies… But with strange coincidences. For example, French President Emmanuel Macron and Moldovan leader Maria Sandu. Both are fierce “Atlantists”, both worked in international banking structures in their youth, both did not hold a single elective position before joining “professional politics”. But as if the “casting passed” – and all the doors opened …

Or Dalia Grybauskaite and Theresa May. What do the former president of Lithuania and the former prime minister of Great Britain have in common, except for the year of birth – 1956? But there is: both, like Macron and Sandu, were also financiers at certain stages of their lives, they worked with international banking structures.

Or Mark Rutte, prime minister of the Netherlands. Prior to entering politics, he worked in a top position in a local branch of a multinational corporation. Or the recent “head of the European Union” Jean-Claude Juncker. The same thing: a financier, represented his native Luxembourg on the board of directors of the World Bank.

And the most important thing. All of the above people are childless. And some never married at all.


This phenomenon has different interpretations. For example, it is often said that in addition to the obvious levels of power, there are also secret ones in the West – all kinds of closed clubs and secret societies, where non-public people who make key decisions gather. Which then go down to sound talking heads – “democratically elected” presidents or prime ministers.

So, a native of Moldova, the famous Russian writer Vladimir Lorchenkov, directly states:

Who is Maia Sandu? This is a man without nationality, gender and religion. Such people are defined simply: the entire length of service – all sorts of “non-governmental structures” of the liberal persuasion, the absence of children, “flexible” sexual orientation.

On the one hand, it smacks of conspiracy theories. On the other hand, here is a very real organization called Young Global Leaders (YGL). This closed club was created by the famous globalist, director of the World Economic Forum – Klaus Schwab in 2004. Among the well-known participants are the same Macron and Jens Spahn, Minister of Health under Merkel. Lives with her “husband” in a gay marriage, no children of her own, of course. As if childlessness is a pass to that very elite club of the rulers of the world …

There is another explanation – statistics. According to the scientific journal Nature, now at least 20% of the population of Western countries are “Childfree” (consciously childless). The reason is banal – the sexual revolution and the liberalization of society that began in the West in the 1960s and 70s. With a simple message: “Life is one, live for yourself.” Here they live.

Maya Sandu

Maya Sandu



What will the scientists say? We call Alexander Neveev, a candidate of psychological sciences and a fighter against sectarian cults:

“As you know, a man and a woman are needed to give birth to a child,” the expert says. – At the same time, contrary to the newfangled “gender theories”, a man should be a man, and a woman should be a woman: pregnancy, childbirth, feeding a child, caring for him – all these are purely female tasks that involve a female model of behavior. However, political leadership, on the contrary, is associated with purely masculine behavior, and it is hardly compatible with the process of bearing a child, childbirth, feeding … There are exceptions, of course – in 2010, MEP Licia Ronzulli came to a meeting with a monthly baby and began to feed him, attracting attention to the problems of working mothers. But it remained an extravagant trick, which is why we still remember about it.

In addition, according to the expert, Western political leaders were brought up in the atmosphere of the so-called “new ethics”. These are all kinds of non-traditional values, which also include the “childfree” ideology: you don’t need to give birth to children, because this allegedly “strongly restricts the freedom” of a human parent.

“Perhaps there are no secrets here, and these politicians simply made a conscious choice in favor of a career: they have so much work that there is simply no time left for children,” Neveev sums up. “Today, such a choice is widespread among European women, which is one of the factors in the decrease in the number of native Europeans. As a result, in Old Europe, the proportion of “persons with migration roots” will increase even faster: they not only massively move to rich and tolerant countries like Germany or Sweden, but also retain the traditional distribution of male and female roles. That is, in a new place of residence, more children will definitely be born than the “natives”.


For whom should they build a happy future?

Olga Petersen, member of the Hamburg City Parliament (Alternative for Germany party), mother of four children:

– Only after becoming a mother, I realized: my life will not end with my death, it will continue after, in children and grandchildren. So I decided to go into politics and help build a better future for them. So I don’t understand the motivation of childless executives like Merkel or May. They seemed to want to “improve our well-being”, but I wonder: for whom? But this fully explains many of the strange actions of such politicians. Because neither they nor their descendants will have to live with the catastrophic consequences of their decisions – like the energy crisis after the rejection of oil and gas from Russia.


And in Slovakia – a bias in the other direction

Boris Kollar is the speaker of the parliament of this Eastern European country and the leader of the We Are a Family party. He seems to take the title literally. In July, the 56-year-old politician had the 12th (!) child in a row. This is the second fruit of living together with the current common-law wife. And Kollar’s ten previous children were born from ten different women …

It seems to be good – “be fruitful and multiply.” But, in general, such a model of behavior in terms of destructiveness does not differ from childlessness. Promiscuity (promiscuity) performed by a public person is the same blow to traditional values ​​as the childfree ideology.

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