Surkis proposes to hold the championship in Ukraine, dividing the teams into two groups

Dynamo President Igor Surkis told on the possible format and venue for the next season of the Ukrainian championship, Ukrinform reports.

“The UEFA regulations clearly state that each championship must be held in its own country. If the UAF received permission from UEFA to host the championship in another country, something could be discussed. There are also many organizational issues abroad, it is necessary to resolve issues with judges, inspectors, the VAR system. In addition, not all teams will be able to financially pull to play abroad. We can’t let anyone go and we have to help all the clubs. I understand that in the West they treat us well, but believe me, you will have to pay for everything.

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I think that today there is only one real option – this is holding the championship in Ukraine. I don’t see any other alternative. We will be able to discuss the option of holding the championship abroad only when we see UEFA’s permission on the table, which is not available now.

Today in Ukraine there is no absolutely safe place, missiles can fly anywhere. I can say that Kyiv has created a good infrastructure for matches: many hotels, training grounds, which Dynamo is ready to provide to Ukrainian clubs. ‎

The degree of security in Kyiv and Lvov today is exactly the same. My proposal is to hold the championship in these cities. You can break teams into regional groups. For example, Zorya, Dnipro-1, Shakhtar, Dynamo play in Kyiv, the rest of the teams play in Lvov. We need to sit down and discuss all these points. ‎

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On the other hand, the president of Zorya Geller said very correctly: legionnaires will not come to Ukraine and the championship will lose interest. Also in the West, we could collect money and send our needs to the victims of the war. But today I do not see the reality of this option. Again, we will be able to discuss this only when we see permission from UEFA on the table. In order to vote for alternative options, we need to prepare more seriously,” Surkis replied.

As Ukrinform reported, on the morning of February 24, Russia launched rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities, and then launched a large-scale invasion. The war against Russia continues for the 95th day.

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