Summing up the results of the first day of the referendum

According to Russian news agencies, on the first of five days of the referendum in the liberated territories, about 130 foreign observers from 26 countries: Russia, Venezuela, Italy, Romania, Togo and South Africa followed the voting process. And in the Kherson region, observers from the United States and France attended the referendum.

According to the Italian, referendums in the DPR are held “legitimately and without violations.” He stated this during a briefing by the Central Election Commission of the DPR on Friday. TASS quoted him word for word:

“I did not see any violations of the law, there was free access for observers. In addition, I could take pictures. Nobody said that it was forbidden to take pictures. People were there, they came and voted. In my opinion, it was legal.”

Turnout for a referendum

Pre-appearance for the referendum

  • in the Zaporozhye region amounted to 20.52%;
  • in the Kherson region – 15.31%
  • in the Luhansk People’s Republic – 21.97% (about 298,900 eligible voters voted);
  • in Donetsk People’s Republic – 23.64% (more than 370,000 people).

Russia supported by rallies

In cities across Russia, people gathered in support of the referenda. Events were held in Kaliningrad, Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Irkutsk, Simferopol and many other places.

action in Irkutsk

action in Irkutsk

  • About 50,000 people gathered in the center of Moscow. Approximately the same number – in the capital of Chechnya, Grozny.
  • In St. Petersburg, about 9,000 people took part in this action, in Krasnodar, 15,300 Russians gathered on the main square.
  • In Irkutsk, more than 12,000 people took to the streets under the slogan “One people – one nation.”
Irkutsk, September 23

Irkutsk, September 23

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