Summer has entered the Czech Republic, so far we have the warmest day of the year. A bunch of leeks Home

You should be especially careful in the middle and on the Thursday people of the northwest and in the middle of them. In previous weeks, the fire brigade affected forests and perennials in several large distances.

The security guard pays for the whole of Wednesday and Thursday for the Prague and Steč region, the flank of the Central Bohemian region and thus the western part of the Liberec, Hradec Králové and Pardubice regions.

According to the meteorologist, the highest risk will be on Thursday during the day, when strong wind gusts may occur. HM advises the people not to light a fire and use open fire sources these days.

Recently, firefighters have had to intervene in several large forest disturbances. On Monday, about a hectare of forest was burning near Jedlov in the Dnsko region. That’s why a kind of porn alarm stage was ruled out of you.

In the second half of April, for example, they extinguished a meadow and forest stand about 15 hectares below the Slunen peak in the Bruntl region or about 20 hectares of wood and young forest near the village of Slapsko in the Tborsko region.

It happens again

According to the European Copernicus service, losk lto has been the warmest in Europe since the arrest. Such period according to bioclimatologist Miroslav Trnka and esko. Copernicus monitors the state of the climate and said in a statement that last year temperatures in Europe were one degree Celsius higher than average.

We would like the extreme dry period from 2015-2019 to be just a swing, but unfortunately climate models and analyzes of long-term trends show that we will have to deal with the return of this extreme. In general, we read that the dry years today are more likely than the cold humid summer, says Trnka.

The heat waves that have been sweeping Europe since 2014 are the worst since times. According to The Guardian This result from a svr study originated on a stock researched annual ring tree. Miroslav Trnka thus took part in the study.

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