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According to Kherson residents, the quality of mobile communications in the region is improving.

According to Kherson residents, the quality of mobile communications in the region is improving.

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Already 85 percent of the territory of the Kherson region is covered by the Russian mobile network. According to the deputy head of the region Ekaterina Gubareva, 591 base stations have been installed in the region, these are the so-called mobile communication towers. We tell you how the quality of mobile communications is changing today.

– We put more towers than planned, – says Ekaterina Gubareva. – There are already 47 points of sale of SIM cards and 39 points of payment acceptance in the region. Yes, we are ahead of plans to cover the region with a mobile telephone network, and the dynamics of subscriber growth is positive. This means that we are doing everything right.

Sometimes the quality of mobile communication is a little lame. The internet drops out from time to time.

– Objectively, shelling by the armed forces of Ukraine is the main reason for the drop in the quality of communication, – explains the deputy head of the Kherson region. – But we are doing and will do everything in our power so that residents can always call where and when necessary.

Kherson residents themselves notice that the quality of mobile communications in the region is improving. Not compared to what it was a few months ago.

– When only we launched Russian mobile communications, it worked rather weakly and only in the city center. But now the quality of both communications and Internet connections is much better, – shared Irina Poroshina, a resident of Kherson.

Another Kherson resident, Irina Yakovleva, spoke about the conditions of her tariff with a new mobile operator. He says that at first the Internet speed was good only at night, but now the situation has leveled off.

The cost of the package for a month is 300 rubles. It includes 1000 minutes of calls within the network, 500 SMS messages within the network, 10 GB of mobile Internet, and when you top up your account for 300 rubles – another 10 GB as a gift. Incoming calls are free. Outgoing within your network after the package of minutes is exhausted and taking into account the transferred balances or without a paid period – 1 ruble per minute. Calls to numbers of other Russian operators – 3 rubles per minute, to Ukrainian operators – 20 rubles per minute.

– I would like the service package to include minutes to other networks, – the interlocutor expressed her wishes. – This is an innovation, I hope, ahead. Although the mere fact that now you can contact relatives from Russia and Donbass is very convenient.

Since the launch of the mobile network, the quality of communication has improved.

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