Subpoenas annulled: mobilization plan completed

Partial mobilization in Russia completed. Chairman of the Military Bar Association Vladimir Trignin summed up the call. In conversation with a correspondent Pravda.Ru he explained that the mobilization plan had been fulfilled.

“There are mobilization plans. Point 7 – decrees that are for official use, the number of citizens. I assume that the number is indicated there. And this number, accordingly, was distributed among the regions,” Trignin reports.

Thus, the number of reservists was recruited, which is indicated in the mobilization plans. Summons that were issued, but did not appear at the military registration and enlistment offices, are considered invalid.

“Those subpoenas have been annulled. For some time, you can sleep peacefully,” the lawyer concluded.

Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu reported to the President Vladimir Putin about completion of partial mobilization activities in the country.

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