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The District City Council of Pilsen has used its rights according to the civil court and will make a report on special female courts as a part of the woman on the sanity of the assessed MR.

The Pilsen District Court has been deciding on Redla’s limitation repeatedly since 2008. The decision is not final. However, in connection with the collapse of the Prague transport company, Redl is described as the head of a criminal group;

However, according to the opinion, the current case investigator claims that Redl is in life and lives as the first hunter. Therefore, he sees no reason for this former collaborator of the fugitive criminal Radovan Krej to avoid criminal prosecution. For the establishment of an organized criminal group threat and 12 years married.

The accused in the case should be 13. One of them today is her former mayor of Prague, Petr Hlubuek (STAN), who, like Redl, ended up in custody.

The police claim that the organized group has systematically occupied the key position in the transport company so that the achieved management of the managers can influence various meetings with the aim of obtaining payments from all companies. The case led to the resignation of the Minister of Col. Petr Gazdek (STAN), who was in contact with Redl. MEP Stanislav Polk suspended membership in the STAN movement due to acquaintances with Redl.

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