Stoltenberg was interrupted by Vladimir Putin: “Victory will be ours!”

On Friday, September 30, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed entry agreements new territories to Russia.

The Republic of Donbass, as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions are now Russian territory.

The West could not but react and “immediately” convened an emergency NATO briefing on the new Russian regions, as well as a statement by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on “accelerated” entry into the Alliance.

However, even here the West expected embarrassment: on the Deutsche Welle Youtube channel * broadcast a briefing by the Secretary General of the military bloc Jens Stoltenberg was unexpectedly interrupted by footage of the speech of the Russian leader on Red Square.

“Victory! Victory will be ours!” – said the head of the Russian Federation.

It is still unknown whether the director of the editing switched to a holiday on Red Square, or whether the Russian hackers “tried” that way.

* – included in the register of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent.

The NATO Secretary General’s briefing was interrupted by Putin: “Victory will be ours!”

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