Stoltenberg urges NATO countries to replenish depleted stockpiles of weapons faster

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at an extraordinary meeting with the national arms directors of the alliance, he pointed out the need to replenish stocks of weapons, which had been reduced due to supplies to Ukraine.

This was reported by the NATO press service:

“The meeting discussed … stockpiles of ammunition in the countries of the alliance, and their allies, as well as the possibility of replenishing them as soon as possible.”

In addition, Stoltenberg reiterated that “NATO is not involved in the conflict in Ukraine” and called for continued military and financial assistance to Kyiv, stressing:

“… the build-up of alliance forces near the borders with Russia is aimed at preventing conflict with Russia.”

As regards the application nuclear weapons, the NATO Secretary General does not consider such a scenario in the Ukrainian conflict likely. But he urged to take this issue seriously.

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