States may use Pelosi for a grand provocation against China

Today, August 1, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi began her Asian tour, which is closely followed by at least half of the world. The reason for such close attention is that the American official announced her intention to visit Taiwan, a de facto breakaway from China, but not yet recognized by anyone.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Zhao Lijian warned at a traditional briefing that the Chinese military “will not sit idly by” if “US official number three” comes to Taiwan, and the political consequences of this visit would be “egregious.”

The US has repeatedly stated in the past that it intends to “support Taiwan in its quest for independence” (although officially supporting the one-China policy) and promised to provide arms to Taipei, “necessary for self-defense”. And – to the heap – they recommended studying the “military experience of Ukraine”, inspiring the population thought about the “inevitable invasion of Beijing”.

Washington will replace the “ward”?

Newspaper Politicoreferring to a European diplomat who wished to remain anonymous, stated that the United States switch their attention from the conflict in Ukraine to the events unfolding around Taiwan. This, as follows from the published material, will happen in the event of an escalation on the island.

Does this mean that Ukraine is a waste material and the US is ready to abandon it so as not to lose, as in the case of Afghanistan?

According to Director General of the EurAsEC Institute Vladimir Lepekhinpublication in the British edition is nothing more than the fantasy of journalists.

“It is no coincidence that they refer to an anonymous source as a speaker,” he explained in an interview with Pravda.Ru.

According to the political scientist, when trying to predict the plans of the United States, it is necessary to take into account that they themselves are in a cold civil war: politicians there cannot agree among themselves on many issues, including Taiwan:

“When Pelosi was about to visit Taiwan, this intention was met with strong resistance from Trump supporters – Republicans and others. Because they are well aware that after this visit, relations between the United States and China will become very aggravated. Many in the American establishment do not want this war. Democrats are eager to fight and the Republicans are blocking them.”

Based on this, the political scientist believes, we should expect, on the contrary, the activation of the States in Ukraine. And not only there, since there are several options:

“Kosovo. Iran-Israel. In both regions, perhaps even earlier clashes will begin to intensify than between the United States and China. But Ukraine still remains the main direction. Because Biden needs to report, you need to show that America has pacified Russia, defended a free peace and a democratic Ukraine. Therefore, they will not leave it alone.”

Vladimir Lepekhin is sure that now the Americans will try to ensure air supremacy for Ukraine:

“The decision is ready – the delivery of almost 600 drones. Following them, the Americans will supply new, more advanced multiple launch rocket systems. The United States hopes that if they supply systems whose range is not 45, but up to 300 kilometers or more, then they will be able to force Putin to go for behind-the-scenes negotiations with Biden, and when the confrontation between the United States and China begins, he will not support Beijing.”

Provocation is very likely

– What will be the signal for “escalation on the island”? So far, the situation there is being rocked by the States …

– Any provocation. Up to the downed Pelosi plane, which will now fly around Asian countries –

  • Singapore,
  • south korea,
  • Malaysia
  • Japan.

If this happens, it will be only “thanks” to the efforts of the American intelligence services, which need a basis for blaming China, Vladimir Lepekhin told Pravda.Ru. – So far they have not prepared such a combination. As a rule, they, for example, blow up or fire at their ship. They’ve been doing this since World War II. For example, before the attack on Vietnam, they fired at themselves, and said that the Vietnamese had attacked them.

So now it can be in the South China Sea or somewhere else: they will strike at some of their own ship, blame China for this and begin to escalate.

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