State search portal “Children of War” launched in Ukraine

From today, the state portal for searching for children “Children of War” has been launched.

About it on briefing Adviser – Commissioner of the President for the Rights of the Child and Child Rehabilitation Daria Gerasimchuk said, Ukrinform reports.

“From today, the state portal for the search for children has been launched in Ukraine. The Children of War information platform will help law enforcement agencies collect information about children who suffered during the war, in particular went missing, or were moved to temporarily occupied territories and deported to Russia. Federation. ,..This portal was created as a tool to search for children, save them and release them from forced displacement or deportation,” Gerasimchuk said.

She added that the platform has two main functions. The first is to provide up-to-date information about children affected by Russia’s actions – killed, injured, missing, deported or forcibly displaced from their places of permanent residence, and about those who were found and rescued.

Quantitative indicators are updated daily by law enforcement agencies and the National Information Bureau.

The second function is to help look for children. The “Children of War” portal allows you to contact law enforcement agencies, the Office of the Prosecutor General and the National Information Bureau.

The portal can be used by anyone who has information about a child affected by Russia’s military aggression.

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Also, according to Gerasimchuk, a Consultation Center was created at the office of the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights, where you can get offline and online advice.

The portal “Children of War” was created on the personal instructions of the President of Ukraine by a team of the Office of the President, the Ministries for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, together with the National Information Bureau, the Office of the Prosecutor General, the National Police, the Secretariat of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Informational and analytical support is provided by the Canadian government’s project “Support to Government Reforms in Ukraine”.

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As reported, according to the Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of the Child and Child Rehabilitation, as of August 1 in Ukraine, as a result of Russian aggression, 358 children were killed, 693 children were injured, 203 were missing. At least 5,754 children were forcibly displaced or deported.

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