Starovoit: a village was shelled from the side of Ukraine in the Kursk region

According to the Governor Kursk region Roman Starovoitfrom the Ukrainian side, the village of Krasnooktyabrsky, located near the border in the Glushkovsky district, was subjected to mortar fire.

The head of the region stressed that none of the local residents were injured during the shelling, one building was damaged.

“In the afternoon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired mortars at the village of Krasnooktyabrsky in the border Glushkovsky district. There were no casualties. A three-story house was damaged, about 20 windows were broken. Tomorrow, specialists will take measurements for repairs,” Starovoit wrote in his Telegram channel.

Due to frequent “arrivals” from Ukraine in the Kursk region, on October 20, a “medium response” mode was introduced.

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