“Spring” called for new protests against mobilization – DW – 22.09.2022

The youth democratic movement “Spring” called on the Russians for new actions protest against mobilization. “Mogilization is actively going on throughout the country. Soon thousands of our men can go to the front. We can and must oppose!”

Actions are scheduled for September 24th. They promised to name the cities in which they will take place on September 23 in their Telegram channel, and the gathering places – directly on the day of the action.

More than 1300 detainees across Russia

September 21 in many cities of Russia have already passed protests against the war with Ukraine and the mobilization announced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. According to the human rights portal “OVD-Info”, in 39 cities the police detained 1,321 people. Most arrests took place in Moscow (538) and St. Petersburg (479). In some police departments in Moscow, the detainees were handed summons to the military registration and enlistment office right on the spot.

The youth democratic movement “Spring” was founded in February 2013 in St. Petersburg as a result of the merger of local organizations “Youth Yabloko”, “Defence” and “Solidarity”. Since February 2022 has become one of the organizers anti-war protests in Russia. The movement coordinated protest actions on February 27 (about 2,800 detainees across Russia), March 13 (more than 800 detainees), April 2 (more than 200 detainees) and September 21.

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