Sphinx-Morozko, “And the quarrel between them began to boil, and the women raised sodom”, Dubai coachmen and prostitutes

Grandfather Frost is kind, but sometimes he shows his original chthonic nature

Grandfather Frost is kind, but sometimes he shows his original chthonic nature

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Grandfather Frost is kind, but sometimes he shows his original chthonic nature. In the very center of Moscow, on the street. Christmas, Santa Claus demanded that a passer-by tell him a poem, he failed, after which the spirit of winter and cold beat him with a staff, and the traveler, ignorant of poetry, ended up in the emergency room.

Here you can recall the Sphinx, which sat at the crossroads near Thebes and made riddles to passers-by, or you can already from close times – the film “Frost”. There, grandfather subjected the heroes to trials and the faulty ones painfully walked around with a staff.

The prince and the dog bowl

Although pugnacity was shown not only by pagan deities, but also by princes of the blood.

The sons of the current English King Charles III, Princes William (who is William) and Henry (who is Harry), showed how it happens when “A brother raises his criminal hand against his brother.” According to a book by the younger Prince Heinrich, which is about to go on sale, the enraged older brother “grabbed me by the collar, tore off my tie and threw me to the floor. I fell on the dog bowl, which cracked under my back, the pieces pierced me. I lay there for a while, stunned, then got up and told him to get out.” Just like “the first times of strife” in “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign”.

William and Harry showed what happens when

William and Harry showed what happens when “A brother raises his criminal hand against his brother.”

A photo: Ekaterina MARTINOVICH

There are many inconsistencies in the memoirs, the main thing is that, according to Prince Henry, he was constantly beaten and humiliated by relatives, but he remained faithful to his wife Meghan Markle. The book of memoirs is called “Spare”, but if we decide to publish it in Russian, it would be more correct to translate the title title as “Fetyuk” (simple, deadhead – outdated.).

US Congress – a pipe?

If the princes from the House of Windsor resurrect the ancient times of the Plantagenets, when fratricidal strife was a custom, then when the head of the House of Representatives of the US Congress was elected, the same era was resurrected, but in the context of not secular, but spiritual power. The newly elected congressmen could not make the choice of the speaker in any way, it was possible only on the fifteenth attempt. Some laughed at the congressmen, but State Department spokesman Ned Price saw it differently: “Our democratic institutions are at work, democracy does not always come without complications.” For we, the representative stressed, never said that “Democracy is whole or homogeneous in the context of its work.”

Just as no one said that the papal curia (the main administrative body of the Holy See and the Vatican and one of the main ones in the Catholic Church. – Ed.) Is integral or homogeneous in the context of its work.

Back in 1268, the cardinals, who are your congressmen, could not elect a pope. They were locked up in the cathedral (hence the term “conclave”, that is, “under the key”, “under lock and key”), but this did not help either. Then the cardinals were put on bread and water, and the roof was removed from the cathedral, exposing the princes of the church to the violence of the elements. Only after this did the election of a new pontiff take place.

Now it is possible to strengthen democratic institutions in the United States with smoke from a chimney. If the speaker is not elected again, black smoke from potassium perchlorate, anthracene and sulfur comes out from the room where the congress is locked up; if the election is finally held, white smoke comes from a mixture of berthollet salt, lactose and rosin. What will attract more tourists to the Vatican-on-Potomac.

Any motto for your money

In Dubai, the capital of the Emirates, there are more than enough wealthy tourists from Russia. They need to warm their bones somewhere and enjoy democracy. But even there, according to the wise words of Ned Price, “Democracy does not always come without complications.”

The sweet singer V. Sh. Meladze, speaking at a corporate party, was faced with the demand of Ukrainian listeners to cry out: “Glory to Ukraine!”, And the singer immediately called out.

In Russia, the patriots who learned about this demanded that Meladze be doomed to eternal exile, to which the singer objected to them in the spirit of Socrates: “Do not make noise, Russians.”

Namely: “Yes, I said “Glory to Ukraine”, there is no politics in this. I am an artist, I work for people. In Dubai I will say “Glory to Ukraine”, and in Moscow “Glory to Russia”. If an artist chooses a side, then he loses some of his fans, loses his bread. I’m into music, not politics.”

Or, as Admiral Kolchak said, “Do not touch artists, coachmen and prostitutes – they serve any authority.”

The main thing here is not to attach great importance to the words of a coachman or a prostitute. At least in the case of V.Sh. It will be necessary – and “Sieg heil!” will say what.

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