Speech therapist named the best methods for developing speech in an autistic child

The diagnosis of autism often causes panic in parents. But with the right work, such a child can achieve success in adulthood. How to help an autistic child overcome speech delay and what techniques can be used to develop speech, including at home, a speech therapist of the highest category told Pravda.Ru Valentina Lagutochkina.

– Valentina Alexandrovna, what kind of speech therapy assistance is provided to autistic children?

– The diagnosis is established closer to five years. Treatment should be in the complex: speech therapist, psychologist, neuropathologist, physiotherapist. There may be different speech therapy conclusions – from alalia and further dyslalia to dysarthria. Often autistic children do not understand the addressed speech, they do not need to communicate, they are closed from the world, they feel good and comfortable. But you need to bring them to the dialogue, they must learn, adapt to the world.

If the child does not want to make contact at all, is silent, it is necessary to start with a warm relationship, to establish emotional contact. When the child trusts you, you can continue to work.

Rhythmic chants and verses help well so that the child remembers and can later repeat the word that the teacher missed. It also encourages speech.

You can use drawings, diagrams: we draw and speak so that the child has an image behind the word. The center of the picture is the child himself, his life. Then he is interested and has a desire to say something. The speech of the teacher should also be understandable to the child, it should be expressed in simple words, short concrete sentences.

Professionals and parents should work as a team. Parents should, as much as possible:

  • talk to the child
  • touch him.

Because an autistic child needs more attention than a normal child. It is advisable not to leave him alone at home. Parents should reinforce assignments and exercises done by specialists at home.

The Tomatis method, invented by the scientist Alfred Tomatis, helps autistic children a lot: the child is put on headphones and offered to listen to certain music. She calms him down, helps to concentrate, helps to isolate sounds from words, removes fears. Autistic children are very afraid of sharp and loud sounds.

There is LHC-therapy – bioacoustic correction: the child listens to the music of his own brain (the electroencephalogram is transformed there). He calms down, this has a positive effect on the correction.

The children with whom these techniques were used are now excellent students, playing chess, even winning tournaments.

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