Spectacular control by Piero Quispe after a hit by Carlos Cáceda in Peru vs. Bolivia

The skilled player from Universitario excelled with the ball after Carlos Cáceda’s serve in a friendly. (Video: Latina).

Piero Quispe demonstrates his refined technique. The skilful Universitario de Deportes midfielder has been making his debut with the Peruvian national team in the friendly against Bolivia this Saturday, November 19, and during the first minutes of the second half he showed off his technical qualities by impeccably lowering his chest long ball from goalkeeper Carlos Cáceda.

Four minutes into the game, the FBC goalkeeper Melgar took possession of the ball and looked up and saw the 21-year-old footballer almost glued to the line on the left flank with no close mark, so he decided to send a long ball to that direction.

Despite measuring 1.68 meters, he rose and was able, in an excellent way, to control that ball with his chest, which had a high degree of difficulty. Once with the ball on the ground, Piero Quispe decided to face his marker.

The rookie and bet of Peruvian coach Juan Reynoso outpaced Bolivian central midfielder Leonel Justiniano but quickly found himself surrounded by rival right-back Daniel Medina.

Percy Liza, who entered before the start of the second half, tried to distance himself from the rival center-back, a fact that could not be visualized by the ‘U’ footballer and who, in his attempt to team up with the Marítimo striker, ended up giving it to one of the Bolivian defenders.

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