Special operation allowed politicians who left Ukraine to return

Ukrainian politicians who left the country after 2014 due to persecution are gradually returning to the liberated Russian military territory. Senator announced this Sergei Tsekov.

According to him, many of them are part of the civil-military administrations. As the senator noted, politicians are very active, because they know the local specifics and are ready to work for the well-being of the liberated territories.

“A number of those politicians who were forced to leave the territories of Ukraine in 2014 because they were persecuted for their beliefs and views returned and are now included in the military-civilian administrations,” Tsekov said in an interview with TASS.

He added that specialists from the former regions of Ukraine are increasingly willing to work on the liberated lands. We are talking about the inhabitants of the Crimea, the DPR and the LPR. The senator stressed: they all must understand that Ukrainian militants will never return to the liberated territories.

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