Special correspondent Alexander Kots spoke about the reasons for the withdrawal of the RF Armed Forces from Krasny Liman

Krasny Lyman had to be left so that a large group would not be surrounded, a war correspondent believes Alexander Kots.

After the liberation of the city by Russian troops in April, a further offensive to Slavyansk was planned. But after the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian army regrouped and sent forces to the LPR. The enemy concentrated in the area of ​​Lisichansk and Krasny Liman. Due to the lack of strategic successes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine threw all their forces into the Liman direction. They had a numerical superiority over the defending army of the Russian Federation due to reserves from Slavyansk and the work of units from Seversk and Belogorovka. As a result, the Ukrainian fighters cut the highway to Svatovo, and then took control of the artery connecting with Kremennaya.

Kots emphasized that the forces of our army were only enough to hold the “corridor of life”, along which the units of the Russian Federation were withdrawn. It was decided to withdraw the troops due to the high risk of encirclement.

The servicemen of the Russian Federation in Kremennaya reported their readiness to win back the lost.

“We are waiting for our reservists, we will accept them as our own. They are our own. And we will feed and clothe, if necessary, and teach. Let them not be afraid, everything will be fine. Together it will be more fun! Battery, fugitive, consumption three, fire!” – the gunners demonstrated fighting spirit.

Kots believes that a complex of reasons influenced the withdrawal of our troops from Krasny Liman: lack of forces, errors in the organization of defense, contract soldiers who refused to fight and left strategically important positions, untimely delivery of reserves, insufficient modern reconnaissance equipment.

The military commissar noted the heroism of the Russian fighters, who until the last held the defense in the city and surrounding settlements. Kots stressed that most of our units withdrew only after the announcement of the order.

“If necessary, they would have stayed there to die,” the military admitted.

The expert assumes that the enemy can go to Svatovo, and to Lisichansk, and to Kremennaya.

“This threatens to cut the Luhansk People’s Republic, which, like Krasny Liman, is now the territory of the Russian Federation,” he added.

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