Spanish slugs found in Moscow even eat nestlings

Huge spanish slugs, which are found in Moscow, are not dangerous to people, but they can cause great damage to nature. The biologist said Mikhail Vorobyov.

The specialist noted that slugs, due to their large size (they are the size of a human palm), eat a lot, while not disdaining anything, like locusts.

“There have even been cases of Spanish slugs attacking chicks. They crawl into nests and chew them. These are unpleasant things,” the biologist said in an interview with “Moscow 24”.

Vorobyov noted that nothing interferes with the reproduction of Spanish slugs, because no one eats them in our latitudes, even birds, because of the poisonous substances contained in insects.

The biologist suggested that the Spanish slugs came to Russia by accident, with fruits or seeds.

“Maybe they carry some diseases, but I don’t think people have close contact with them. It’s unlikely that anyone wants to play with them or eat them. So if you don’t take them in your hands, then they don’t pose a threat,” added the agronomist.

The expert noted that the only way to destroy the slugs if found in the garden is to collect and crush. If you do not want to do this, you can resort to the help of molluscicides – preparations for getting rid of molluscs, which are also suitable for Spanish slugs.

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