Spain’s PM urges people to stop wearing ties ‘to save energy’

Are the ties to blame for the crisis?

Are the ties to blame for the crisis?

A photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has issued a call to do away with ties to save energy. The politician did not explain the essence of the proposal, and the citizens had to figure out on their own what he meant, writes Bloomberg.

– I do not wear a tie, which means that we can all save energy, and I asked all ministers and all government officials about this. Representatives of the private sector, as far as possible, when it is not necessary, do not use a tie, and in this way we will save everyone! Sanchez called. And then he added that he addresses the same proposal to private individuals.

After some deliberation, the citizens of Spain came to the conclusion that the prime minister meant that the refusal to wear a tie would help save on air conditioners, which is more than relevant in the 40-degree heat prevailing in the Pyrenees.

Sanchez’s proposals were not slow to provoke an angry reaction from the regulars of social networks.

“You have to commute to work for eight hours on a bike to save energy, and Pedro Sanchez flies a plane even for bread, but he goes without a tie,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“Sanchez will defeat climate change alone, but without a tie,” said another.

– Everything turned out to be very simple – ties are to blame for the crisis, – the third one mocked.

Earlier, the Spanish government urged not to abuse air conditioners, recalling that a cold winter will come after a hot summer, and the issue of saving electricity will become even more relevant, and Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles bluntly stated that the expectation of a difficult winter is connected with Europe’s sanctions policy against Russia.

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