Sovremennik started the season with a thinner roster

Vladislav Vetrov and Alena Babenko joined the artistic council of the theater.

Vladislav Vetrov and Alena Babenko joined the artistic council of the theater.

A photo: Anastasia PLESHAKOV

In the morning, the artists went to the Novodevichy cemetery – to Efremov, the founding father of the theater. October 1 – 95 years since the birth of Oleg Nikolaevich. And then everyone met in the auditorium. There were unusually few people. Compared to the gathering of the troupe at the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov, at the Vakhtangov Theater or at Lenkom, which took place in early September, the hall at Sovremennik is almost empty. There was no Marina Neelova, Sergei Yushkevich, Nikita Efremov … Almost none of their young artists. It’s hard to say where they went. They say the troupe has already been touched by mobilization. The theater is discussing that the 43-year-old artist Yevgeny Pavlov received a summons. He served in the army for a long time, but he was among the first to be called up as a tanker. Already in training. Evgeny Pavlov is busy in many titles. And the theater will have to make inputs. Well, if only in his role.

Actress Svetlana Zakharova and Alexander Khovansky.

Actress Svetlana Zakharova and Alexander Khovansky.

A photo: Anastasia PLESHAKOV

At the end of July Moscow Department of Culture dismissed the artistic director of Sovremennik Viktor Ryzhakov. Yuri Kravets was appointed director of the theater. The artistic council is responsible for the creative part: Vladislav Vetrov (he is the head of the artistic council), Lyudmila Krylova, Alexander Khovansky, Alena Babenko, Svetlana Ivanova, Sergey Girin, Ivan Stebunov, Polina Rashkina …

While the people gathered in the auditorium, the artists shared the news. Liya Akhedzhakova said that she had already “got out” twice. And she hugged with her colleague – a veteran of Sovremennik Vladimir Suvorov. “Volodya, you are the first one who answered the question: how are you, that everything is fine,” said Lia Medzhidovna.

Actress Liya Akhedzhakova - in a half-empty hall.

Actress Liya Akhedzhakova – in a half-empty hall.

A photo: Anastasia PLESHAKOV

This is how the season started.

Theater director Yuri Kravets announced the plans. For two and a half months, he, together with Vladislav Vetrov, negotiated with 15 directors. And here is the result.

Before the end of this year, two premieres should be released. Director Marat Gatsalov will release the play “August: Osage County” (busy: Marina Neelova, Taisiya Miholap, Alena Babenko, Victoria Tolstoganova, Vladislav Vetrov, Sergey Yushkevich …). Filumena Marturano with Marina Fioktistova and Ilya Drevnov will be released on the Other Stage. Directed by Elena Olenina. And the children’s play “Flint” based on Andrsen’s fairy tale.

After the New Year, director Pavel Safonov will begin rehearsals for the play “The House Where Hearts Break” based on the play by Bernard Shaw.

– We want all the legends of our theater to take the stage in the play “From the Life of Fossils” this season. Stage director Alexei Zolotovitsky, – said the director Kravets. – Garik Sukachev will start staging “Kill Bobrykin” (based on the novel by Anna Nikolaenko). The premiere is scheduled for next season.

People's Artist of the Russian Federation Vladislav Vetrov

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Vladislav Vetrov

A photo: Anastasia PLESHAKOV

From plans for the future: director Vladimir Pankov will stage a play based on Gorky’s works. The play “The Miracle of St. Anthony” based on the play by Maeterlinck will be released by Alexander Nazarov. Daniil Chashchin in the spring of 2024 will release “Driven horses are shot, aren’t they?”. I would like to believe that such long-term projects will come true. Director Kirill Vytoptov has some interesting ideas. Negotiations are underway with other directors. Even the artist of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater Yuri Stoyanov is preparing something for Sovremennik.

“Our task is to keep the troupe as busy as possible with new work,” Kravets said and said that two famous actresses were accepted into Sovremennik: Olga Rodina and Victoria Tolstoganova.

Alena Babenko became the director of the Sovremennik support fund. Vladislav Vetrov was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. He heads the artistic council of the theater. When asked by journalists whether he experienced awe about this, Vladislav said with his characteristic irony: “I have been living in awe for the last 30 years.” And he promised: there would be no revolutionary changes in the theater. Work hard, he is no stranger to it: he has not been on vacation for 39 years.

– Projects related to theater and cinema will be interesting, – said Vetrov. – It is no coincidence that Sovremennik occupies the building of the former Coliseum cinema. It was at this place in the auditorium that almost a hundred years ago they filmed the film “Cigarette from Mosselprom” with Igor Ilyinsky. Our film background will be used on stage. What will the new performances look like? I would like them to reflect the essence of life. Not different trifles. And the essential principles of human life.

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