Southern territories of Ukraine will become part of Russia, Muradov believes

The liberated territories of the south of the former Ukraine will undoubtedly become another region of Russia. This opinion was expressed by the Permanent Representative of Crimea to the President of Russia, Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Government Georgy Muradov.

The politician, in an interview with RIA Novosti, said that this is an expression of the will of the people themselves, most of whom lived for eight years in conditions of bullying and repression by Ukrainian nationalists. Now Russia will not allow more trample on the fundamental rights of our compatriots and shoot with impunity into the Russian world at the behest of the West, Muradov added.

The territories of the south-east of Ukraine and the land of historical Taurida, according to him, have always been Russian. A close Russian-speaking population lives there, the permanent representative noted.

He stressed that the authorities are already thinking about establishing a peaceful life for people: they are forming administrations, turning on the broadcast of Russian TV channels, introducing the ruble into the regional economy and Russian textbooks in schools.

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