“Sores, age”: At the last concerts, Yura Shatunov complained to the audience about viruses and fatigue

Each of the concerts the artist worked out conscientiously

Each of the concerts the artist worked out conscientiously

A photo: Anatoly ZHDANOV

36 concerts given since the beginning of the year Yuriy Shatunov19 more were planned for the fall.

His last tour took place in the Moscow region: eight cities in three weeks, Zelenograd, Kaluga, Lyubertsy, Podolsk …

Yura, you are the best! – shouted to him at every concert. The artist always willingly communicated with the audience, willingly joked, sent air kisses, but always emphasized: “The only woman I idolize is my wife.”

The artist worked out each of the concerts to the conscience: he sang and danced, as if for the last time, every now and then urging the hall to “light up” further. But the last performances were not easy for him:

– We need to take a break. Old age is not joy. I recently had an operation on my eyes, now I see well in the distance, but not a damn thing up close, ”he told fans in Kaluga, as if apologizing for the fact that he could not always easily read the notes that they passed to the stage.

– Yes, sores, age … I want to apologize again for the postponement of the concert in Podolsk. Viruses have not been canceled, they “squeeze” – and that’s all, ”said Yuri Shatunov from the stage.

After all, some of the fans in the end could not get to this concert of his: initially, he was supposed to perform on the stage of the OCTOBER recreation center in Podolsk on June 5, but due to illness, the show was postponed to the 20th. This concert was the last in the artist’s life.

On the evening of June 22, he felt himself poorlythe artist was taken to the hospital, the doctors fought for his life for an hour and a half, but to save him failed.


Friends told about the last hours of the life of Yuri Shatunov: “He couldn’t even walk on his own, he grabbed his heart”

According to doctors, they tried to save the former soloist of “Tender May” within an hour and a half (details)

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