“Someone’s children are dying in a cauldron”

Ekaterina Gordon supported those who criticized the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Ramzan Kadyrov and Evgeny Prigogine.

The human rights activist responded to the complaints of wives and mothers about the fact that the mobilized are sent to a special operation in Ukraine without proper training and with poor equipment. She believes that in this way men are doomed to death.

“Sending a hungry man without a weapon to the front is sending him to die,” the human rights activist expressed her indignation.

Gordon criticized representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

“Those generals who cannot equip and train should raise their …. and go to Putin and tell him, and not be silent, watching someone’s children die in a cauldron,” the lawyer wrote in her microblog.

Gordon believes that the representatives of the military command need to endanger their heirs.

“Let them take their children and bring them to the front line,” Ekaterina expressed her opinion.

Gordon promised to help the mothers of military personnel.

“I will scream with you, and not pretend that everything is fine, waving a flag at a concert,” the lawyer said.

Gordon previously appeared unequal exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine.

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