Some Medvedchuk is worth the lives of a bunch of soldiers

Ekaterina Gordon angered the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine.

Gordon expressed her opinion about the cost of Russia rescued a Ukrainian opposition politician from captivity Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Today we learned that some Medvedchuk is worth the life and strength of a bunch of soldiers who took “Azov *” prisoner. I consider this a shameful exchange. I’m disgusted. More than 150 Azov people on …, rumored to have failed his mission, “he expressed dissatisfaction lawyer in his microblog.

Ekaterina entered into a controversy with subscribers who are happy about the return of 49 Russian prisoners to Russia.

“So there should have been many times more! Or let 200 sit and instead of them Medvedchuk,” the human rights activist is indignant.

Earlier, Ekaterina Gordon stated that real foreign agents you need to recognize the corrupt officials who plundered the country.

* — a subdivision of the Azov battalion, whose activities were recognized as terrorist by the decision of the RF Armed Forces dated 02.08.2022 and banned in the Russian Federation.

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