Soloviev revealed the numbers of irretrievable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Data on the losses of manpower of the Ukrainian army are called different. According to the official reports of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, they account for more than 10,000 killed and more than 30,000 wounded. However, many soldiers are missing, the number of prisoners is also approaching 10 thousand.

In fact irretrievable losses APU, most likely, much more. This is also stated by Western sources. Some say about 200 thousand dead.

Recently, the Russian TV presenter also announced his data Vladimir Solovyov. He named the number of dead soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and members of the national battalions since the beginning of the special military operation, citing his own sources.

“According to my information, from 62 to 68 thousand died on the Ukrainian side. The total number of retired fighters is about 200 thousand. This is on all fronts. Not only the DPR and LPR. said the TV presenter on the air of the talk show “Soloviev LIVE”.

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