Soledar, the latest news about the battles for the city on January 11, 2023


– The city of Artemovsk, aka Bakhmut, we are successfully storming. Soledar was almost released. Some kind of fracture went into a special operation? For example, the Komsomolskaya Pravda military commander Alexander Kots, although he is positive, believes that this is not yet a turning point.

Yupiy Podolyaka:

– I absolutely agree with Alexander. It’s not a fracture. Let’s start with the fact that Soledar and Artemovsk or Bakhmut are not the main offensive operation, as far as I understand, which the Russian command is preparing for the winter campaign. This, one might say, is the grinding of reserves and a distraction campaign, which should first of all deprive the enemy of the initiative and strength in order to fend off the main blow. But all the same, the loss of Artemovsk and Soledar will inflict psychological losses on Kyiv. Breaking it down is also an important task. But I repeat, and Kots, I think, is also aware that this is not the main offensive operation that is supposed to be in this winter campaign.



– Can you clarify where the main directions are then? And when are we going to start there?


– I really hope that during January we will find out about it. But this is just my guess. In fact, that’s what I’m most worried about. Because near Artemovsk, near Soledar, the Wagner PMC is mainly working, everything is well-established there. And our regular units, where there are now many mobilized, have not yet participated in large-scale offensives.

And where is the main direction of the blow … It’s not about the direction, it’s about the result.


– Good. What result can be considered victorious for us?


– The defeat of the armed forces of Ukraine. Because, let’s be honest, now in Kyiv they are saying that Ukraine is not Russia, but if we look closely, they are simply building an alternative Russia. Such a colonial Russia, an appendage of the West. It is for this reason that the West is helping this project. And as long as this project has an army, it will threaten the real Russia. Because its ultimate goal is the colonization of the entire post-Soviet space in general.



– Nevertheless, there were successes in the special operation after a long stagnation and even withdrawal of troops. Promotion has gone … What is the reason for this? Surovikin changed tactics?


– And the tactics have changed, and finally they began to fight according to science, and not in spite of. If, for example, we are on the defensive, then we are building this defense in echelons, with trenches, with systems of firing points …

If we look at the reasons for our departure from Balakleya and Izyum, we will see that they were all because we ignored military science. We stood on the defensive, but seemed to be preparing for the offensive. And they did not build points of resistance, did not set minefields. We had gaps between defense nodes of 10-15 kilometers, without trenches, without anything. Of course, the enemy passed them in 20 minutes to our deep rear. Here we got the result.

Now, after the appointment of Surovikin as commander, everywhere where we do not intend to attack in the near future, an echeloned defense has been built. We see how it works near Kremennaya, near Svatovo. The enemy there many times tried to break through the defenses, but nothing came of it. That is, we finally started to fight by the rules.

The second most important point is, of course, mobilization. Because if you fight – don’t fight according to the rules, and if there are no soldiers, they will bypass you anyway. We have saturated our defense lines with fighters and equipment. And immediately the successes of the enemy left.

Prepared by Ivan Grachev


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