Soldiers of the special forces of the Russian Guard celebrate their professional holiday

September 30 military personnel and employees Special Forces (SSN) of the Russian Guard celebrate a professional holiday. This is the first formation, which is considered to be the prototype of the modern special forces of the Russian Guard. It was formed by order of the NKVD of the USSR in 1941 and was intended to perform special tasks.

“The special forces are armed with modern and high-tech weapons, military and special equipment that allows them to perform tasks in any conditions. Approbation of promising models of weapons and equipment, protective equipment and uniforms is constantly being carried out. Behind the shoulders of the special forces of the Russian Guard are hundreds of successfully completed tasks in the course of which the main result was achieved – a stable situation throughout the Russian Federation, ”- the department said.

Over the years, the structure of the law enforcement special forces has changed, but their main function has remained unchanged – the fight against terrorism and banditry anywhere in our country. This is exactly what the SSN fighters are doing in the Donbass now.

It should be noted that for courage, bravery and heroism shown during the special military operation, more than 3,000 servicemen and special forces of the Russian Guard were awarded state awards of the Russian Federation, and 6 people were awarded the highest title of Hero of Russia.


During the performance of tasks, the special forces of the Russian Guard discovered a drone conducting aerial reconnaissance of the positions of our troops, using a suppression system, the quadrocopter was drowned out. After landing, an artillery fire raid was carried out at the landing site.

Also, servicemen and employees of the Russian Guard in the settlements of the Lugansk People’s Republic discovered 3 caches of which ten ATGMs were seized, including a foreign-made ATGM installation, three foreign-made ATGM missiles, three Fagot ATGM missiles, 29 grenade launchers and more than 200 rounds for them , five RPO flamethrowers, three Igla MANPADS, 22 artillery shells, 67 anti-tank, anti-personnel, signal mines, 42 hand grenades, 6 kg. explosives and over 7,000 small arms ammunition.

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