Soldiers of “PMC Wagner” took control of the village of Zaitsevo in the DPR

Russian units continue to liberate settlements one by one in the Bakhmut direction in the Donetsk People’s Republic, informs FAN.

It became known that they established control over Zaitsevo. Military expert told Boris Rozhin in your Telegram channel. The cleansing of this village is important, as it brings closer the achievement of the main goal – the city of Bakhmut. Now its defense has become even more difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

“Wagnerites” liberated Zaitsevo as a result of fierce fighting. Earlier, information was spread that the village had come under the control of Russian forces, but it turned out to be premature. FAN correspondents who visited the scene of hostilities reported that the enemy’s resistance had not been broken, but several important objects had been taken.

In particular, the “Wagnerites” occupied the height at which the meteorological station is located. This point of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was used to adjust the work of artillery. Apparently, these successes ensured a complete cleansing of the village in the future.

At present, Wagner PMCs do not stop advancing towards Bakhmut, which is an important logistics center of the enemy. Kyiv troops carefully prepared for the defense of the city. From 15 to 30 thousand personnel are located here, most of which are mercenaries from Western countries.

Despite the difficulties, the “Wagner” detachments continue to confidently take settlements one after another. Previously, they occupied Otradovka and Nikolaevka, and do not intend to stop there.

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