Sofia Ezziati: Making peace with Ukraine is real

Why was a Russian special operation in Ukraine really necessary in order to demilitarize and denazify it, why the people of Russia should support the actions of President Vladimir Putin, and what makes the Ukrainian authorities rewrite the history books, Pravda.Ru told writer, singer and songwriter Sofia Ezziati.

Special operation needed

– Sophia, what position should the writer take in connection with the special operation in Ukraine? Or not to interfere at all, but to do your own thing, write books?

How can one’s conscience allow one to behave? I believe that the writer has an impact on the reader and can convey his opinion. It’s a responsibility and you have to be honest. I was born in Russia, grew up, studied, write in Russian, my children grow up here, and we are happy here. I trust what our government is doing and fully support its actions. Even based on publicly available information, one gets the impression that Ukraine was mastered by the forces that oppose us, and, of course, it is unacceptable for any country if such actions take place right behind the wall. It looks like we are neighbors, we have a common wall in the house, and if terrible, abnormal things happen behind the wall that can become dangerous for us, it would be strange not to pay attention to it.

As our president said, “if a fight is inevitable, you must strike first.” I believe that if he took such actions, then the fight was inevitable.

– 30 years ago there were fraternal peoples: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. We were one family. Now Ukraine is like a dystopia: people have come up with a new story for themselves, abandoned what they didn’t like, and left what they liked. Why does a person pass off an outright lie as the truth, and believe in it himself?

– Perhaps a person experiences internal discontent, complexes. He thinks he is in the wrong place. It all comes from weakness. A person denies reality so much, does not accept himself and those around him, that it is easier for him to just come up with what he wants and believe in it in order to survive. Because if he admits that everything is like this, and he categorically disagrees with this, then he:

  • going crazy
  • will die.

This is the way to survive.

– Is there another way out of the situation? Do not invent a new world for yourself, but enter into agreement with reality?

– This can be done through dialogue. You need to open your heart, find the strength in yourself to support, accept, understand.

To perceive the world as it is, you need to have a certain strength, courage. Because everything in the world has never been good and never will be.

But to deny it is stupid and pointless. You need to find the strength to face the truth.

Peace with Ukraine is real

How can Russians and Ukrainians not get angry in this story?

– I would suggest that everyone, at least for a second, step back from this situation as if it were personal. For a second, at least think: what if there is something that we do not know and will never know? Nothing happens without a reason.

If the Russian government took such actions, then there were prerequisites. And to give unambiguous assessments and get angry is strange.

Can people reconcile after any battle or are there fundamental issues that no one will ever agree on?

– You can make peace if such a task is worth it. And if not, then no, because at the moment the government of Ukraine is not thinking about reconciliation.

– That is, peace with Ukraine is real?

— Of course.

– Even Donbass will forgive what Ukraine has done?

“The people don’t do it. This is what the government does. People who got into the government pursue a certain goal. We must try to look from the side of geopolitics:

  • who might need it
  • why,
  • what is the purpose
  • Have they achieved this goal?
  • What will happen if you don’t end the fight?
  • what happens if you stop.

I believe that history can be turned in any direction.

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