Sobchak, who received an Israeli passport, said that she was most annoyed in this country

Ksenia Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak.

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Ksenia Sobchak recently became the owner of an Israeli passport. The TV presenter has not yet confirmed that she has the citizenship of another country, but at the same time she has not denied this fact. Meanwhile, as it turned out, not everyone likes Xenia in her new homeland. The TV presenter said that she was most annoyed in this country.

In a conversation with Mikhail Shats (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia), Sobchak said that she often flies to Israel on business trips. Many of her friends live in this country.

“I notice one thing that annoys me a little, shall we say, but I struggle with it. No matter how you come here, there are holidays all the time. It seems that there are much fewer working days than rest, and everything is closed, ”Ksenia admitted.

Mikhail agreed with her, noting that in Israel, many are faced with the fact that a decision is often delayed due to holidays. According to Schatz, a large number of days off demonstrates the vitality of local residents.

“It’s unusual. But, on the other hand, you know, you are very imbued with all this, ”he concluded.

The fact that Xenia has an Israeli passport was confirmed in November by her mother, Senator Lyudmila Narusova. And media manager Tina Kandelaki posted a picture of this document on social networks. Judging by the photo, Sobchak became the owner of an Israeli passport in September of this year.

Sobchak in Israel during the filming of a documentary about this country.  Photo: video frame.

Sobchak in Israel during the filming of a documentary about this country. Photo: video frame.

Earlier in social networks, Ksenia said that she was surprised in Israel.

“Many of the Russians who left for Israel generally had little idea where they were going,” the TV presenter noted.

Presenting a new film about this country, Ksenia shared her own impressions.

“One of the features of Israel is the number of people with weapons on the streets. I personally have never seen so much anywhere else. Moreover, it can be not only military, but also civilian. It’s a little scary at first. Then you realize that, in fact, all of Israel’s neighbors, as we would say, are unfriendly countries. And those who come here for safety need to understand this,” the journalist said.

Ksenia notes that moving to Israel has both its pros and cons. For example, this country has very high taxes: residents give away almost half of their earnings. Another disadvantage is the very high cost of living.

“Add to this insane taxes (up to 50% of income), unreasonably expensive housing and banks, for which, as one hero of our issue said, you are an “interfering element.” And it seems that the picture is not at all rosy, ”concludes Sobchak.

The journalist recalls that Israel traditionally builds friendly relations with Russia.

“Since February, about 24,000 Russians have flown to the Promised Land for citizenship. Many of them had little idea where they were going. That is, leaving one special operation, they ended up in another – where you need to know the nearest bomb shelter and run there at the first sounds of an air raid alarm, ”the TV presenter concluded.

By the way, Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia) recently received Israeli citizenship. According to some reports, Pugacheva received Israeli citizenship in May this year.

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