Sobchak responded to Nevzorov’s attacks *: “Hanging out with red-brown”

Ksenia Sobchak reminded the journalist Alexander Nevzorov* all his sins in response to harsh accusations against him.

Nevzorov accused Sobchak of “agreeing with the regime” and allegedly calling Ukrainians fascists.

The journalist denied these statements and spoke about the dark past of the journalist.

“By the way, you personally know firsthand about fascism, don’t you? … Everyone remembers what you said about the storming of the TV center in Vilnius and the death of civilians, about “ours”, about Chechnya, how you drowned for the Supreme Council against those you hated” Democrats” and hung out with the red-browns,” Ksenia gave out all the unsightly facts of Nevzorov’s biography known to her.

Sobchak is outraged that she is being accused by a man who, in her words, “for 30 years has stuck to literally all budgets, including Putin himself, being his confidant.”

“They often talk to me about chairs, and so my modest set fades in front of the living room set that Mr. Nevzorov assembled for himself,” the journalist wrote, hinting at the popular phrase about trying to sit on two chairs.

Ksenia Anatolyevna is sure that Nevzorov will betray new patrons just as he betrayed the old ones.

“He will remain on a horse under any authority – because there is no face of his own, only an opportunistic mask. If anyone is a real spiritual servant, it is you,” Sobchak answered the journalist.

Formerly Ksenia Sobchak shamed Sergei Shnurov for persecuting Nevzorov *.

* Included in the register of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent.

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