“So that the dog does not die, but barks loudly”

military expert Victor Litovkin commented on the Bloomberg message that the West will not increase arms supplies to Ukraine.

military aidUkraine receives from Western countries is not so great, the retired colonel believes.

“These deliveries can be described in one expression:” So that the dog does not die, but barks loudly. “The West understands that Ukraine cannot withstand opposition from Russia,” Litovkin said in an interview with the Public News Service.

According to him, the West continues arms suppliesbecause it is profitable for him from a commercial point of view. Eastern Europe has long wanted to get rid of old Soviet technology, but it needed funds to dispose of it. Now these weapons are being transferred to Kyiv so that the Russian army can dispose of them during a special operation, the military expert noted.

“War is business for the West,” Litovkin stressed.

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