Sladkov: the release of the RF Armed Forces Soledar will be another "flick on the nose" APU

Since Thursday evening, July 28, war correspondents have been reporting the start of fighting in Soledar. Active actions began on the eastern outskirts of the settlement. Military correspondent Alexander Sladkov told why the liberation of Soledar is so important for the Russian Federation. In 2014, the headquarters of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire and Stabilization of the Situation in South-Eastern Ukraine (JCCC) was established in the city. It consisted of Russian and Ukrainian military. If fire incidents began in the Donbass, they were quickly extinguished, Sladkov reports. When Kyiv stopped paying attention to the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian side began to “be rude and mock” the soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces in Soledar, which led to the collapse of the headquarters of the JCCC, says the military commander. The Russian army left the city in 2017.

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