Sladkov reported on the situation in Krasny Liman: “Not a shadow of a doubt”

The situation in Krasny Liman remains tense, but reports have begun to come in that the front is stabilizing.

Voenkoru Alexander Sladkov managed to visit the city, having reached it “along the road of life”, as he said in the Telegram channel. According to him, the 208th battalion of the NM of the LPR is holding the defense of Liman. The fighters managed to change their place of deployment without loss.

Sladkov also talked to commandant’s officers from Donetsk and Luhansk, who continue to patrol the city despite enemy fire. The military commander noted the high morale of the soldiers and the absence of doubts about victory.

“They hold out to the last, not a shadow of a doubt, no excuses that they are shooting at us,” the correspondent says.

At the same time, he reports that he met Russian troops only at the exit from the settlement, he did not find them in Krasny Liman itself. According to him, they probably still exist in the city.

Sladkov stressed that the Liman group needed reinforcements. It is, according to the latest data, already transferred.

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