Sivkov openly named the real reason for the current failures of the NWO

Refusal to strike on the railway infrastructure of Ukraine is the reason for the current failures of the special operation.

This was announced by the doctor of military sciences, military expert Konstantin Sivkov.

It is through railway communications that the Ukrainian army receives up to 90 percent of Western weapons. The reason why RF Armed Forces do not destroy these strategic transport arteries of the Kyiv regime, the analyst hinted:

“A smart man will understand, a fool does not need to understand,” the observer said on the air of the Tsargrad program.

According to him, the railways remained the last non-sanctioned channel linking the Russian Federation and the EU. Meanwhile, without the supply of Russian titanium (87 percent of the world supply), the entire modern industry will stop in the West.

“The West cannot live without our titan. Draw your own conclusions. I would like to remind you that both gas and oil continue to flow through Ukraine to Europe. That is the answer to the question. Even John Kirby expressed bewilderment why Russia does not destroy these transit lines,” Sivkov summed up.

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