Sites of Ukrainian telecom operators on May 9 were subjected to a large-scale cyber attack

On May 9, Russian hackers carried out a large-scale DDoS attack on the websites of Ukrainian telecom operators.

According to Ukrinform, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine reports this in Telegram.

“The aggressor continues to attack the Ukrainian infrastructure not only with shells and missiles, but also with the help of cyber attacks. On Victory Day over fascism, enemy hackers launched a large-scale DDoS attack on the websites of Ukraine’s leading telecommunications companies,” the report says.

According to the State Service for Special Communications, the Russians do not even try to hide their actions and post reports of attacks on the Internet.

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Despite the partial inaccessibility of the websites of some of the attacked companies, their networks operate without interruption.

It is noted that some users may experience a slight deterioration in the quality of Internet access, but in general, this DDoS attack did not actually affect the work of companies or the provision of services to their consumers.

As noted in the State Service for Special Communications, this once again testifies to the effective cyber defense systems that Ukrainian representatives of the telecom business managed to build.

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The likely goal of the cyberattack, according to the service, is to conduct another information and psychological operation against the citizens of Ukraine.

Due to such actions, Russian criminals are once again trying to deprive Ukrainians of access to the Internet and to truthful information, to sow panic.

Specialists take all measures to reduce the impact of an enemy DDoS attack.

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As Ukrinform reported, Russian hackers continue to attack the websites of Ukrainian authorities, as well as send dangerous letters to citizens of the country in order to steal personal data, but Ukraine successfully repels all enemy cyber attacks.

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