Sister of “Pool”, leader of the criminal cell that attacked Ciro Gómez Leyva, would be the key to the case

Leslye Soledad Gómez Jaramillo, sister of Pedro Francisco Jaramillo
Leslye Soledad Gómez Jaramillo, sister of Pedro Francisco Jaramillo “El Pool” (Special)

After the arrest of four people for their probable relationship with the attempted murder suffered by the journalist Ciro Gomez Leyvait transpired that Leslye Soledad Gomez Jaramillo, sister of Pedro Francisco Jaramillo, aka “El Pool”would be a key piece in the case.

According to the prosecution General of Justice of Mexico City (FGJCDMX), “The Pool” would be the alleged leader of a criminal cell and who orchestrated the attack against the communicator on December 15 in the streets of the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office.

The journalist Carlos Jiménez pointed out that Leslye Soledad, sister of the now detainee, would be related to the case, since she would be the one who made the deal with the person who wanted Gómez Leyva dead.

Supposedly, the woman was the link between the mastermind, who according to Millennium operates in the State of Mexico, and the criminals to carry out the aggression for which they received a payment of 400 thousand pesos.

Pedro Francisco Jaramillo “El Pool” (Special)
Pedro Francisco Jaramillo “El Pool” (Special)

After he agreed with his brother on the attack against the journalist, they received a substantial bonus, which they divided between the two of them and their henchmen, who helped them hide weapons and vehicles after reviewing the plan.

From what can be seen in the photographs displayed on social networks, she has straight black hair, is thin and has a brown complexion. She normally appears indoors and on some occasions she would show off to her brothers who were in prison.

in one of the family pictures, appears next to “El Pool”, when he was imprisoned in the Reclusorio Varonil Oriente. Another man also appears, supposedly José Mauricio “The Tomato” -criminal leader of the drug cartel The Union– who shared the cell with his brother.

Ciro Gómez Leyva case.  Photo: CDMX Government
Ciro Gómez Leyva case. Photo: CDMX Government

And it is that Pedro Francisco Jaramillo he was imprisoned in 2003 and then in 2017 in the aforementioned prison in the capital. Later he was transferred to the Sonora federal prison and in 2019 he was taken to the Oaxaca federal prison. When he was released, he returned to Mexico City to head the criminal cell.

“El Pool” would be the criminal leader of a criminal cell that supposedly it operates in the municipalities of Iztacalco, Venustiano Carranza, Iztapalapa and Gustavo A. Madero. Their activities were focused on committing crimes of homicide, extortion of merchants and drug dealing.

Leslye Soledad would be the one who agreed to the attack and linked the mastermind with her brother and his accomplices; possibly her role within the organization was to make “contracts” to execute criminal plans.

El Chucky, supposed brother of Pedro Francisco Jaramillo
El Chucky, supposed brother of Pedro Francisco Jaramillo “El Pool” (Special)

Likewise, Carlos Jiménez pointed out Leslye and “El Pool” as brothers of “Chucky”, a criminal who was also imprisoned in the Reclusorio Oriente, but was murdered. As characteristic features, this subject had a tattoo of Santa Muerte on his chest and another of a rosary, as well as a star on his shoulder.

On the other hand, the now detainee would be known as “El Tomate”, who in September 2018 dressed as a mariachi along with other of his hitmen to open fire in the Plaza de Garibaldi due to a conflict between the Tepito Union and the Anti-Union Force. .

After the arrest of 11 people, the Attorney General of Justice of the capital, Ernestina Godoy confirm the dismantling of the criminal cell, of which “El Pool” was the leader. Six men and five women were seized, seven handguns, a silencing cylinder, four long gunstwo grenades fragmentation and more than 150 useful cartridges of various calibers.


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