Singer Danko became ill after being detained at the Moldovan airport: “I almost had a heart attack”

Singer Danko (Alexander Fadeev)

Singer Danko (Alexander Fadeev)


After State of emergency in Moldovawhen the singer Danko (real name – Alexander Fadeev) was not allowed into the country for his own concert and kept at the airport for two days before the expulsion, the artist still did not get home to Yalta. Fadeev immediately rushed to St. Petersburg, where he was scheduled to perform at the big combined show “Disco of the 90s”.

Due to restrictions in air traffic, this path turned out to be long: from Chisinau by plane to Yerevan, from there to Moscow, then to the northern capital. But before that, in order to get to Moldova, Danko traveled by train from Crimea to Moscow for two days, flew to Yerevan, and from there to Chisinau, where he got stuck in the customs zone for two nights …

“He didn’t sleep in a normal bed for five days, and even got nervous at the airport, the pressure rose,” the singer’s wife Maria Siluyanova shared with KP.RU. – The whole situation, when the husband was without a passport, without food, water and money (Russian cards do not work in Moldova. – Ed.), in an absolutely suspended state, he was very shattered on his nerves. They just bullied him! As a result, Sasha got to St. Petersburg exhausted, in a very bad condition. But he held on with the last of his strength to speak. Still, he is no longer a boy (Danko is 53 years old. – Ed.). Thank God that the husband does not drink or smoke, otherwise he would not have been able to withstand such a load.

Danko himself only dismisses questions about doctors.

– Thanks to the audience, they supported – 12 thousand people gathered at the concert in St. Petersburg yesterday, – the singer told KP.RU. – And it’s better not to remember Moldova, I almost had a heart attack there … I didn’t know how long they detained me, what would happen to me next. He was completely outlawed there, completely unprotected. It is impossible to get explanations from anyone, they say one thing, do another, avoid a direct answer … In the morning, when I was about to fly out, some claims arose again about the luggage. I understood that they were not going to let me out at all, and this could end in anything. What if they planted drugs on me?

The way to Moldova is now booked for the artist. But Danko is not going to give up his pro-Russian position, which became the reason for the expulsion:

– I supported and will continue to support Russia, I will live in the Crimea, I will speak out publicly. This is my Motherland – I have no other.

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