Since the beginning of the war, Russia has launched up to 12 hypersonic missiles in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russian troops have launched 10 to 12 hypersonic missiles into Ukraine.

This was stated on Tuesday during a telephone briefing by a senior representative of the US defense department, Ukrinform reports with reference to CNN.

“Obviously, we saw how they (the Russians. – Ed.) used hypersonic missiles and destroyed houses,” the official said.

He clarified that “the number of units of hypersonic weapons (that is, missiles. – Ed.) Used by Russia is approximately 10 to 12.”

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The Pentagon spokesman did not indicate the specific dates of the attacks, as well as the places from which the launches were carried out. However, it is noted that the first time the US defense department said this was last month, when an air-to-ground missile, probably of the Dagger class, hit a building in western Ukraine.

As reported, the Kinzhal missile, which the Russian Federation began using in 2017, has a declared maximum speed of Mach 12, or about 14.4 thousand kilometers per hour. This is one of the versions of the Russian short-range ballistic missile Iskander with the ability to launch from aircraft.

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