Simonyan was outraged by the violation of the rules of mobilization: “As if they were mishandled by Kyiv”

Head of RT Margarita Simonyan told how the Russian military registration and enlistment offices do not comply with the selection criteria for partial mobilization.

The journalist saw contradictions in the rules and real mobilization activities.

“Yesterday they officially announced that mobilization does not apply to full-time and evening students. Today, the military registration and enlistment offices say that “this applies only to conscripts, not mobilized ones,” the TV presenter wrote in her microblog.

Simonyan drew attention to non-compliance with age restrictions for conscription for a special operation in Ukraine.

“They announced that privates are recruited up to 35 years old. Summons come to forty-year-olds,” the journalist shared her observations.

The editor-in-chief of RT threatened to give the numbers of the military registration and enlistment offices where the established rules are not observed.

“They are pissing people off, that’s how on purpose, as luck would have it. As if they were sent by Kyiv,” Simonyan expressed her indignation.

Earlier, the State Duma called information about mobilization a “provocation”all in a row“.

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