Simonyan attacked the writer Dmitry Bykov *: “Foreign agency still needs to be earned”

Margarita Simonyan outraged by the appropriation of the writer Dmitry Bykov* foreign agent status. The head of RT believes that this status still needs to be earned.

Simonyan cited a fragment of Bykov’s text, in which he speaks unflatteringly about those who seek to settle in Moscow at all costs. As an example, he gives Tina Kandelaki, Kirill Serebrennikov.

“They want to go to Moscow, to Moscow! Enter it, please it, overthrow and trample it, and become the first here, and make Russia an export Russia Today. For the sake of this great task it is worth living. This desire and this horror of gray Russia – they look out of the eyes of Tina Kandelaki and the zhovial resident of Rostov Kirill Serebrenikov,” the journalist cites a fragment of Bykov’s journalistic material.

The writer believes that Margarita Simonyan paints “gray terrible impoverished provincial snow drunk shabby Russia”, which, according to Bykov, has nothing to do with the real country.

The editor-in-chief of RT spoke about the personality of Bykov, who was added to the list of foreign agents on July 29.

“What kind of a foreign agent is he, to his grandmother? Foreign agency still needs to be earned. And Bykov is the most banal, textbook metropolitan pusher, and thousands of books read cannot erase this internal dislike for “come in large numbers,” Simonyan expressed her opinion.

Formerly Simonyan criticized “Gogol Center” for the play “I do not participate in the war.”

* included in the register of foreign mass media acting as a foreign agent.

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