Shurygin allowed the second wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation on New Year’s Eve

The second wave of partial mobilization may begin at the end of the year.

This was announced by a military expert Vladislav Shurygin.

He noted that those who did not fall into the first wave should not relax, but they can already prepare an “alarming” backpack, which may come in handy by December.

For the offensive reserves needed said the analyst in an interview with “MK”.

“In order to attack, you need to have at least two more strike groups – that’s another 200 thousand people. The result is 500 thousand people. And that’s not all. For the constant formation of reserves, people are also needed – this is an additional 200 thousand military personnel, not counting the rotation “, – the observer emphasized.

According to him, during the next partial mobilization, those who, after the “urgent” one, will go into reserve, will help. According to his calculations, this is about 90 thousand people with the necessary specialties.

“And the rest will be you and me. Therefore, my good advice. While there is time, prepare your “alarming” backpack, warm underwear, protective equipment, first-aid kits and other military “shnyag”, summed up Shurygin.

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