Shukshina told the mobilized how not to die in the SVO

Actress Maria Shukshina explained to the mobilized Russians what to do in order to return alive from a special operation in Ukraine.

The Honored Artist of Russia called on everyone who went to the NWO to read the book of the saint Nicholas of Serbia “War and the Bible”, which explains that the very first sin at the front is a mat.

“Brothers! Of course you will come back! Especially if you stop swearing,” wrote the owner of the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, first degree, in her microblog.

Shukshina advised servicemen to replace swearing with the word brother.

“St. Nicholas‌ writes that the Lord saved those who did not swear in the war. People made a vow not to swear, and everyone survived,” the writer’s daughter explained Vasily Shukshin.

Earlier, Maria Shukshina posted an appeal support with prayers servicemen of the Russian Federation participating in a special operation in Ukraine.

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